Why Gershon de Rosa?

You know better than anyone else how you work.  You’ve been doing what you do long enough to know what makes you productive. 

You realise that you are taking home only a fraction of the money you make for your hard work.  That there must be a better way.  With Gershon de Rosa there is.

To gain more from your efforts - we offer financial incentives that are second to none.

To improve quality, knowledge and delivery - we only work with senior professionals.

To collaborate when and with whom you choose - it’s up to you when you work and who you work with.

To have full independence and control - yet be a part of a collective vision and like-minded network without conflict.

Come and join a team of experienced professionals who believe in delivering superior client service.  Work on your own time and preferred location.  Join us on our journey while we change the face of recruitment.