Executive search

Search requires an understanding of the complex issues and opportunities within your field, to appreciate your corporate culture and to operate with tact, discretion and utmost resolve. Gershon de Rosa master these areas. 

While the world continues to shift at a rapid pace, the most successful executive recruitment is conducted by professionals who care to know their candidates and their clients.

We personally and sensitively engage our relationships to identify candidates with the full range of competencies required to meet your needs.  Our structured data capture and research methodology ensure a rigorous process whereby we closely examine candidates who appear to be a potential match, analysing their careers for insights into how they might face the challenges of your targeted role.

We approach the best-qualified candidates discreetly. As interested candidates are identified, we conduct interviews to evaluate their technical capabilities, career and life aspirations and their readiness to perform and finally assess how smoothly candidates would integrate into your organisation and culture.

Crucially, we develop trust with candidates, obtaining a close understanding of their needs and concerns.  In doing so, we mitigate execution risk as your search progresses toward the hiring phase.

Our value add does not end with a successful hire.  The first few months in the role are critical.  They must quickly integrate and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders. We support the candidate as soon as the appointment decision is made by helping them build a realistic picture of the challenge ahead providing clarity so they may hit the ground running.  We will also work personally with their new team to assist in rapidly building trust and open dialogue.

Throughout the first 100 days, we collect candid feedback on first impressions, meeting one-on-one with the candidate allowing them time to reflect on progress, identify and prioritise the keys to success and fine-tune their approach where needed.

We earn your loyalty by being consistently effective, enthusiastically responsive to your needs and deeply committed to your ongoing success.